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Web hosting since 1998 - our 16th year! We offer web hosting reliability for North America. Our hosting uptime is impressive.
We built own control panel software. We have our own in-house website hosting programmers. We don't buy boxed 3rd party control panels. We're unique and so are many of our services.
We run reliable website server equipment. We don't use pre-configured unreliable web hosting servers like many other web hosts. Our system administrators constantly monitor and maintain our servers everyday. We're the real deal.
Many web hosts out there (not us) are nothing more than privately branded versions of the same thing. This is why many web hosts look and feel the same behind-the-scenes. Many of them have different sales pages, but their back-end control panel, and other operational features are just re-branded copies of a 3rd party web hosting service.
We don't use unethical marketing jargon to exaggerate our hosting services. The prices that we show are all you'll pay.
We don't advertise unlimited traffic or unlimited storage, because there is no such thing. Any of those other hosts that do that, hide little clauses in their terms of service which talk about overusage, or cpu limits. We don't believe in deceiving the consumer, and neither should you.
We believe web hosting services should not be sold at a loss just to build up marketshare. We earn a small profit from all of our accounts, and that's how we stay in business long-term.
There are plenty of web hosting companies that sell services at a break even cost and they often do this for one of two reasons: (1) They either plan to recoup costs by marketing you repeatedly with "special offers" and other nonsense. OR 2) They are building market share, so they can sell out to a large provider later and use their customer numbers for that sale. Neither of those are part of our business plan. We're here to offer you reliable web hosting and in turn, we earn a reasonable profit. (As a customer, you want your web host to be profitable because it means they will be there long term for you -- and that's how we've survived from 1998 until now). See this easy payday loans
We care about our customers. Your success is our success.
Many people looking for web hosting moved to PZ after being treated like an account number at other web hosts. Each hosting customer is important to us and we will go that extra mile to ensure that we have done the best we can to help them. Feel free to ask us anything - we'll be happy to provide a real answer.
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